About Us

From humble beginnings, we have become one of top boutique beauty salons & Spa.

Lofiel - The Beauty Parlour & Spa is one of the best beauty parlour chains with limbs crosswise over metros and smaller than expected metros pander to the excellence needs of passionate design supporters, innovators, and celebrity. It was established in since 1989, Ahmedabad India. Lofiel - The Beauty Parlour & Spa has been in presence for as long as the decade and has now turned into a pioneer and benchmark in the Hair, makeup and Beauty Care industry. Hair specialists at Beauty Creation accept that is immaculate excellence is diverse for each individual which is the reason they don't mass deliver however tailor a look remembering a singular's peculiarities when considering their trim and shade. As a brand, Beauty Creation is amazingly classy and universal and has encountered a time of uncommon development in the course of the most recent decade and keeps on keeping the craft of hairdressing fresh.

Mrs. Daxa Shah

Mrs. Daxa Shah is a renowned beautician in Ahmadabad. She made her debut in ‘Beauty Care’ in 1988. She set up her own Beauty Parlour in 1989. She has been working in this field successfully for almost 35 years. She has great potential in the field of Beauty Care since she was 15 years old. She got many award in the field of beauty care. She has first started beauty parlour in Jodhpur named “Rup Beauty Parlour” in 10*10 space and now the small beauty parlour become “Lofiel The Beauty & Spa” . I am very much thankful to my parents, theyinspired me a lot and with their blessing now I am very much successful in this field. Now in Lofiel there is expert staff, and we use many imported brands. Also we have all the latest equipment which is necessary in the field of beauty care. We are always trying to serve best to our clients and give maximum possible result.

Miss. Manini Shah

Manini Shah is the gifted daughter of Mrs. Daxa Shah, She help her a lot in the field of beauty care. She also got the great skiils in the this filed like her mother. Maninin Shah have also won maney awards in the filed of beauti care like She had done diploma in ANBOS also she has won cheryl's skin/hair solution specialist award,sesderma laboratories award,microdermabrasion and chemical peel award form SHALBY hospotals, She is having a great experties and knowledge about the morden trends. We have maney satisfied clients and we always traying to improve our servises for our valudable clients. Now we are one of the best beauty parlour in ahmedabad.